Report Template Language


Knowledge about HTML and CSS is required to understand the Report builder templates

The EasyInspect Report builder is using the Twig template engine and follows the syntax of Twig templates. Please read the guide on to understand the Twig template syntax.

Available methods


We run the template parsing in a sandbox, so please be aware that not all methods from the Twig template system is available. Please see the list of available filters and functions.

Custom Schema per company

Every company can have their own set of Metadata and Databases. The result of this is that each companies template is different if Metadata or Databases is included into the template. The schema can be seen in the menu on the right side of the template editor.


Changes to the Schema may break the report template

If you are using methods or properties from Metadata or Databases and these are changed, the report will fail to generate. Due to the complexity of the schema we have no way to validate if the changes will break the report templates.